Sunday, December 23, 2018

Wrapping up 2018

There are so many projects I have yet to document! We moved this year from Las Vegas to Utah.  It was a busy year preparing for a move, buying and selling houses, unpacking, settling in, and figuring out my to new routine.  The adjustment isn't over yet! 

I've worked on a few projects, but look forward to a more productive 2019!

This fall I made a new table runner from and loved having it on my table.

This quilt was made for my good friend and bike riding partner, Dana.  During this project, I learned that I can't live without my wonder clips!  I had no idea how much easier binding was using them.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Christmas Quilts 2017

A few years ago, some quilter friends and I went to St. George and decided we would make flannel Christmas quilts using a "Turning Sixteen" pattern. As the 4 of us calculated how much flannel we would need, we only bought twice as much flannel as we needed!  This left me with 2 kits of 16 beautiful flannels.  This year, I finally finished the 2 quilts and gifted them to 2 of my married children and their spouses.

Nathan and Rachel
Alayna and Cameron

I made another "Turning Sixteen" Christmas quilt for Rebecca and Dave and their family.  Moda came out with their "I Love Snow" flannel this year and it perfectly matched the decor of their home.  They also have 5 sweet children, so this was the right flannel for their quilt.  The bundle I purchased had only 13 fat quarters and I needed 16 fabrics.  I added some minky and I love how their quilt came out!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Star Wars Quilt

I made this quilt for my son several years ago and when he wasn't terribly excited about it, it landed on a shelf and waited for the right person to give it to.  That person was my grandson!   I dusted the top off, got it quilted and bound! He turns 8 this year and is even having a Star Wars party to celebrate!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Patchwork Quilt Along-- Block of the Month

I've done some tough block of the month projects and this year, I'm doing one I can actually keep up with!  I no longer teach school (being home makes a big difference), so on the 15th of each month, I download the pattern and get busy!  I'm really enjoying this project from The Fat Quarter Shop!

My Most Recent Projects 2016-1017

Many years ago, I bought a Meet Me In Paris quilt kit. The kit contained fabrics that I didn't usually work with--floral prints that were very soft and subdued.  I was looking for something different to do and was intrigued with the Dresden Plate pattern incorporated in the pattern.  This photo shows only a bit of the quilt.  I gave this quilt to my sister, Yvonne.
I love the striped, bias binding, it's a great finishing touch.

This was taken after the quilt was custom quilted by Mary Bailey.

This quilt was made for my friend, MaryKay.  I have used this pattern before, but it is so beautiful, I didn't mind doing it again.  MaryKay and her parents went on a trip to New Zealand and while there, she purchased fabric to turn into a quilt.  It is stunning!

This quilt, backed with minky, was for the daughter of one of my daughter's best friends.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


I don't suppose I'm the only quilter that has made a mistake that wasn't noticed until the quilt was quilted!  I love reproduction fabrics and in my haste to get this quilt done, I didn't realize that one of my blocks was turned the wrong way!  After it was quilted, I spotted the problem.  So how do I deal with it?  I chuckle when I see the wrong-way block and fold the quilt so it is hidden.  It is still a great quilt to sit under!

Noah's Ark

I've had a fascination with Noah's Ark since the early 90's when I found a hand carved ark in Williamsburg, VA, and had to have it!

This is a quilt made from a Henry Glass kit--panel in the center and pieced borders.

Wall Hangings